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Egg Laying

Different breeds have different egg laying and life spans. Chickens can lay eggs regularly for 2 to 3 years on average, but they can lay longer, it just depends on the breed, their environment, illness, and other factors.  I have 2 chickens(CC is a Buff Orpington and Lucky is a an Americana),  who still lay and they are almost 6 years old now.  CC's eggs sometimes have little blood spots in them now, I remove them.  As the days get colder and shorter in winter, they may stop laying or slow down for a while, sometimes until spring.  They also stop or slow down their egg production when molting.  During winter, in my experience, ours do still lay some eggs, but we have always kept a warming red light in the coop during really cold periods, usually when it gets below 25 or so.  Otherwise, the cold doesn't bother them much. I think excessive heat is harder on them, and our summer was especially hot here!  Practically 2 straight months in or around the 90s!  Fresh water is really important at any time of the year, so we usually have two sources, just in case one freezes or gets spilled.  Plus you have to dump the tray if it gets dirty from various sources, like dirt, feathers, bugs, poop...

Chickens can live on average, 3-7 years, but all that depends on care, environment, illness and other factors of course.