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About Ziggy and me

ZiggyTheBackyardChicken was created so that I could share my experience with raising our backyard chickens with you, as well as DIY projects that we do around our home.  Ziggy is the matriarch of our Backyard Chicken girls.  

It all started when my husband brought home our first set of egg layers in 2013.  They were all very cute, but we certainly weren't prepared for them.  At first, we used what we had to house them as chicks, starting off with a dog crate, putting cardboard around the bottom part to keep them in and helping to keep the bedding from getting all over.  Then we moved them into the garage as they grew bigger by creating a blocked off area while still using the crate too.  Finally, we built them a coop, which was basically a shed.  We also had to fit in all the other items they would need, like a roost, nesting boxes, feeder(hung up) and waterer that sits off the ground.  It was a process, but a lot of fun watching these little chicks grow and become our pets, they really are spoiled!  I usually let them out in the backyard three or more days a week, and they get all the extra scraps of vegetables and fruit treats, including access to the garden at the end of the season.

So, I will share my experiences with you through my blog posts, explaining what we did along the way and how we continue to care for our girls :)  I will try to bring you the best information from other sites and other sources that I think will be helpful to you.  I hope to make your experience a little easier and enjoyable, which also includes procuring products to help facilitate your backyard chickens and other items that I think you might like, which may also include some decorative items, clothing, kitchen tools, and other items of interest.  I also want to share with you some of our DIY projects that go on around our home.  So please come back and check in to see what I have going on often and sign up to get updates! 

Look for our products to change\update periodically, as I find better and more useful items.